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Warren Johnson – R&B Takedown

Hello soul family, join me Warren Jay every Wednesday from 6pm for the RnB Take Down where you can hear dancefloor classics, neo soul  new independent artists of soul and RnB.

Andy Jackson – Infiniti

Since 2008 Infiniti has brought you the pick of the latest Soul tunes from all over the world. Each week The Soul Searcher brings you three up to date Soul tracks all played for the first time on the show. Its Modern Soul of the finest order. Since 2008 Infiniti has...

Paul Hobson – Soul Explosion

What is the definition of “soul” ? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is “emotional or intellectual energy or intensity”. Well that certainly sums it up for me. “The Soul Explosion” is all about sharing the tunes and the music that I love with a wider...