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  • Mark Leonard

    My show - The Selection Box - every Tuesday 4pm - 6pm it has this name because I can't stick to any particular genre for too long. I love Jazz and Jazz Funk, so I always start with a handful of tracks old and new; then we go wherever the mood takes me. It can be Soulful House, Rare Groove, 60/70s Soul or Modern Soul. One things for sure, the start of hour two I'll always bring you three Lovers Rock tracks and I follow these with my slow jam of the week. After this, I generally start picking up the pace as we move through the final 45 minutes or so. Here you'll get to hear more Soul, maybe some RnB, Philly, New Jack Swing or even some garage! Finally, at any point of the show, if the mood takes me, you'll get some dance floor favourites or as some call them 'Anthems'.

    Scheduled Shows

    • Selection Box

    • Tuesday

    • 16:00