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Hey, Thanks for dropping in, I present Part 1 of The Jazz Soul Spectrum Show each Saturday. The Jazz Soul Spectrum Show is one of a few shows that have been aired regularly since November 2010, when JFSR was launched in September of that year. From 10am I play some Jazz to kick off the show, and then its very laid back, deep Soul from the 70s & 80s and current Luxury R&B/Soul, music for grown ups! From 11am the pace picks up a little bit to get you in the mood for part 2 from 12pm with Onx. Hope you can join me from 10am. Nilesh

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The Dance Edition is filled with music from the new and old crate.  Always in the mix with Soulful and Funky House.  Reblended edits and Distincshun remixes are always in the bag.  If you like the latest in Dance Music then you will love this show. A special selection of slow jams and mellow tunes is a special part of the show and is played at the start of the second hour comprising of 3 carefully selected tracks that  "make you think about things.........." and its all about "your love, your life and your general well being" expressed through Soul Music.        

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My show "DJ Ed's Funk Suite", which I've been doing since October 2014 on JFSR, is currently broadcast live on Saturday afternoons between 2pm and 4pm (UK times). I like to keep my show "In The Mix" and keep it Funky, loving tracks with a good bassline. I'm specialized in late 70's to mid 80's Funk & Disco, but every now and then I like throw a few reworks or Soulful/Funky House cuts in the set. Some of my all time favorite tunes: Charades - Gimme The Funk Empire projecting Penny - Freakman Michael Jonzun - Burnin' Up Whispers - Imagination

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Hi, Im Phil Baker, and present It's All About The Groove Show every Saturday afternoon 4pm-6pm.I have presented shows at some of the UKs biggest and most established "Soul Stations" over the last 30 years or so and have a wealth of experience. My passion for music knows no bounds and Im very pleased to be sharing this passion on JFSR. My favourite top 3 (6) Artists in no particular order : - Level 42 - Incognito - Earth, Wind & Fire - The Dells - Marvin Gaye - Bobby Womack Maths was never my strong point!! And my top 3 (11) tracks! Seriously ?? I doubt if I can condense to 20...again in no particular order ... - Labour Of Love - Incognito - Good Lovin’ (Is Just A Dime Away) The Originals - That’s The Way Of The World - Earth, Wind & Fire - Magic Mind - Earth, Wind & Fire - You Gave Me Love - Crown Heights Affair - Stay In My Corner - The Dells - All About The Paper - The Dells - Happy Man - Chic - Where Are We Going? - Marvin Gaye -Star In The Ghetto - Prince Phillip Mitchell -Across 110th St - Bobby Womack I could go on ...I can not and will not choose out of these ...oooh! Just thought of another 5!!

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My name’s Steve Daniels and every Saturday i present ‘The MooseMix’. I’ll be playing upfront Jazzy Funky And Soulful House and one or two classics, in the Mix. Bigging up the show myself Isn’t easy, so i asked for comments from my listeners. ‘It goes on a bit’…… Arfa from Oslo. ‘You don’t have to be drunk to listen to him but it helps!….. Deany from Cirencester. ‘Your listening to my dad and he’s bloody rubbish!….. My daughter Mia. Cheers, it gets worse every week!….. Paul from Basingstoke. ‘I preferred the original version, and this is Sh*te too’….. Aud from Spain. ‘Not in love with this .. wouldn’t even kiss it!’ …..Derek no fixed abode. ‘bored and watching Harry Potter with my son Instead of listening to you…… Camino from Spain. ‘I love Harry Potter’…… Karen from Barking. ‘Its all tits and bongos!’……..Rodders from Basingstoke ‘Got some visitors and we've been listening to the show, They all got up and left, nice one mate!’……. Johnny from Norway. ‘I think it’s the best show on the net!’…..The bloke i lent 20 quid! ‘It was a fiver and i said nothing of the sort’…….Coppo from Enfield. So there you go.The ’MooseMix’, keeping listeners (and breweries) happy every Saturday since 2018!

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