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Hi Im Koal Bee,
I've loved the soulful vibes of Jazz Funk & Soul from my early teens in the mid 70's. I recall the days that my eldest sister "Kay" would play tunes like Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Jacksons on our parents old Gramophone. We couldn't wait till our parents went out so we could blast these tunes out in our East End home.
Then a few years later my older brother "Jas" got into the Soul music of the late 70's and he began to influence me with his 12" vinyl tunes ... Listed among these were Cerrone, Brass Construction, War, George Benson, Chic and Cameo. He was a bit of a dancer too so I soon learned how to boogie with the best.
At the age of 15 the George Benson album "In Flight" finally got me hooked on the Jazz-Funk tunes I love to play with a passion to this day. As fate would have it, I started work on a market stall at weekends opposite a record stall that specialised in Japanese Jazz-Funk (the in thing in those days). I started to save my pennies and spent them all on records .... this is where the "collection" began. I began doing a radio show back in 2001 mainly to play the album tracks that passed us by in our youth and that other jocks just wouldn't play.
I'm a firm believer that our music tastes change as we grow older and thats why the tunes we missed in our youth begin to be more appealing to us ..."The Sneakers54 Collection" is all about bringing this great music to the airwaves.

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