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  • Steve Daniels

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. My name’s Steve Daniels, Born in London and now living in Oslo Norway. I’ve been earning a living as DJ since 1978( doesn’t sound like it though!) Every Tuesday I present ‘The MooseMix’. Playing upfront Jazzy, funky and Soulful house with one or two classics, in the Mix.
    Bigging up the show myself Isn’t easy, so i asked for comments from my listeners.

    ‘It goes on a bit’…… Arfa from Oslo.

    ‘You don’t have to be drunk to listen to him but it helps!….. Deany from Cirencester.

    ‘Your listening to my dad and he’s bloody rubbish!….. My daughter Mia.

    Cheers, it gets worse every week!….. Paul from Basingstoke.

    ‘I preferred the original version, and this is Sh*te too’….. Aud from Spain.

    ‘Not in love with this .. wouldn’t even kiss it!’ …..Derek no fixed abode.

    ‘Bored and watching Harry Potter with my son much better than listening to you…… Camino from Spain.

    ‘I love Harry Potter’…… Karen from Barking.

    ‘Got some visitors and we've been listening to the show, They all got up and left, nice one mate!’……. Johnny from Norway.

    ‘I think it’s the best show on the net!’…..The bloke i lent 20 quid to!

    ‘It was a fiver and i said nothing of the sort’…….Coppo from Enfield.

    So there you go.The ’MooseMix’, keeping listeners( and breweries )happy every Tuesday from 6-8 UK.

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